The mima Creo is one of the greenest strollers around, produced in one of the industry’s most environmentally friendly factories.

How does this relate to mima?

Speaking of carbon footprint, the mima Creo produces 25% less than the average stroller due to the lightweight materials specifically chosen to be more environmentally friendly. In technical terms, PA6 nylon, 1 kg of which contaminates with 9 kg of co2, has been replaced with PP, which only contaminates 2 kg.

The mima Creo boasts a patented layering of this PP material called PHS, which is an innovation in the stroller world. It is light, resistant and, as mentioned above, emits very low co2 emissions. It is also anti-bacterial in that it has received no chemical treatments or additives, meaning that baby is also protected.

Designed for EOL - end of life recycling

When your time with Creo is done, the stroller can be almost 100% recycled and upcycled, with the exception of some small PU and hardware pieces.For clarity, the PHS, PP, chassis and polyester textiles are 100% recyclable, which ultimately helps to reduce landfill waste and thus care for the planet.

The mima Creo stroller, as well as providing you and your family with a designer product with some very awesome features, is joining the cause to fight for social responsibility, a more sustainable future and a greener Earth.

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