Concrete Jungle

Next stop on our world tour… the Big Apple; the immense yet brilliant concrete jungle that is New York City!

What better way to strut your stuff in the metropolis, savannah or beyond than with the all new mima xari New York Zebra: a classic Snow White xari with some very wild embellishments. 

Zebra Striped Crosswalks

This new edition of the mima Around the World collection features an elegant Snow White leatherette canopy with Black middle tier and never-seen-before inner lining in this season’s most fashionable and show-stopping fabric: zebra print. Team this with an all new zebra print Starter Pack that’s sure to make your little one the envy of the pack!

Walk Proud

Walk as proud as the tallest skyscraper gracing one of the world’s most emblematic skylines, tastefully camouflaged among the hundreds of zebra striped crosswalks. Gentle yet fierce, functional yet super stylish!