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Our newest stroller, the mima creo is called as such because we firmly believe in creating a new vision for contemporary pushchairs. With cutting-edge lines, shapes, adornments and eco-conscious materials, mima creo is redefining the ethos of the stroller.

Focusing on Elegance

Clean and sophisticated with chrome details and a chic, leather look finish, mima creo redefines contemporary pushchairs with eco conscious materials.

Optimum and Responsible Design

Innovative, recyclable materials used for the first time in the stroller industry.

mima creo is more than just a stroller. Crafted for durability and versatility, it minimizes environmental impact, making it perfect for eco-conscious families. From infancy to toddlerhood, it grows with your child while safeguarding our planet's future.

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Easy Harness Regulation and Magnetic Buckle

A Fully Flat Recline

Snooze on the go.

Newborn Care

Soft reducer cushion that supports baby’s head, protects the back and keeps them in the correct position.

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mima creo

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